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Coal Seam Gas and Unconventional Mining

The Seat of Clarence has long been recognised as a green cauldron an Australian food bowl and a tourism destination.

Tourism along with farming, fishing and timber are cornerstone industries, which drive the economic activity for this region.

They are long-term sustainable industries employing thousands of people.

The majority of these businesses are still family owned and operated keeping their money in the region.

It is not acceptable any state government in power allow emerging short-term mining industries to decimate existing sustainable industries.

Over the past two years many communities throughout the Clarence Electorate and Northern Rivers using grassroots campaigns have given a voice back to the people.

Many have come out and declared themselves CSG Free after dedicated citizens passionate about this issue have surveyed their communities.

The NSW Chief Scientist, Mary O’Kane, in a recent report highlighted grave risks from CSG mining to human health and water supplies.

This report now gives a set of facts underpinned by science to support and underscore community concerns across the Northern Rivers and Clarence Electorate.

The report made it very clear CSG mining could pollute groundwater and food crops and could place human health at risk.

The report warned health risk evaluations are needed before projects commenced to help protect from the risk of exposure to pollutants and the collective impact of pollutants.

The report states existing studies on unconventional gas mining and human health impacts are inadequate.

Many throughout the Clarence Electorate are also concerned about the effect CSG will have on property devaluations.

Qld MP Glenn Lazarus is now calling for a public enquiry into the CSG industry.

If you would like to make a difference for a healthy clean future and leave a legacy your friends and family will be proud of, you can do four things NOW:

EDUCATE YOURSELF: Read the science and learn the facts from reputable sources.

ACT: Become more than an armchair critic. If the NSW CWA and NSW Farmers and ordinary people like me and many thousands of others can stand up, so can you!

MOVE YOUR MONEY: Switch your super to Australia’s first fossil fuel free superannuation fund called ‘Future Super’.

SWITCH YOUR POWER: And know you are doing the right thing for the planet. Go to a clean electricity provider



When I was sweet 16 I was presented to the then newly elected Labor Prime Minister Gough Whitlam at the inaugural Liverpool Scottish Debutante Ball.

Little would I know the significance of this moment or the man who would come to change a nation.

When he died last year it was only then I found out what Gough Whitlam had contributed to making this country of ours so great.

He brought compassion, hope, culture and dignity to a country that had lost its soul. He invested in our young people for a bigger and brighter future to carry forward the hopes of a nation.

I have never heard of any other politician spoken in the same breath as Gough Whitlam. Not only was he respected he was loved.



You have to admire those people who willingly step out side their comfort zones.

Take the knitting nanas for an example.

Very few of these women have ever been involved in a protest movement before and now find themesvles on the front line of the Anti CSG movement sweeping across the nation.

They are an inspiration because through peaceful means they are brining attention to an issue that effects the future for their grandchildren.

They are standing up like the NSW CWA did two years ago when they lead the NSW Farmers Rally in Sydney.

Issues can either polarise or galvanise a community and its pretty obvious the crowds against CSG are growing stronger everyday.




More than 200 people turned out for the Frackman movie in Grafton on Friday night. The movie was well received with a big Q & A afterwards. If that movie doesn’t fire up the Clarence Electorate into voting against CSG I don’t know what will. The movie is emotive and shared the stories of a number of Qld farmers and their struggle against the big gas companies and the Qld government. There is no denying CSG is the biggest environmental issue to face the Clarence Electorate in over 30 years.



Over 250 women attended a great women’s day function at the Yamba Bowling Club on Friday. So many inspirational guests with extraordinary stories of survival and resilience.

As a country with a wide demographic and a rich tapestry of diverse cultures how can we ‘Make It Happen’ for each and everyone?

I believe this can do attitude begins with our own families and communities.

It’s not about giving up, it is about finding different ways to do things, even thinking outside the box.

I am constantly inspired by many of the farmers around the Clarence Electorate who ‘Make IT Happen’ on a daily basis, we can learn a lot from them.


It all starts with a need or a belief there is something terribly wrong.

What made Grafton youth Tse Tsan Tai trigger a revolution when he moved to China and tear down 2000 years of Imperial rule?
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Prior to attending a workshop on politics and democracy before Christmas I must admit I was feeling fairly flat about the whole political landscape in Australia. This feeling of frustration and embarrassment at what was being played out during the ICAC hearings with our politicians was to say an all time low.

Why had good leadership, inspiration, values and integrity been compromised with so much self interest?

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People often wonder what can a Independent candidate do for them when they are elected.

Have a read what Tony Windsor did as an Independent for his seat.

One of the positive things about an Independent politician is they don’t polarise a community, they usually work with everyone. A true Independent is a collective voice for their community and represents their values which are often different to a political party. As and Independent for the Seat of Clarence I see my role, starting from now, is to gain consensus on important issues so that they can be prioritised.

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Farmland across NSW is currently under threat by the spread of coal and coal seam gas mining. Our food and water security, human and animal health are being placed at risk by the heavy industrialisation of rural lands by these invasive industries.

I support a farmer’s right to farm. I say NO to unconventional gas mining (CSG) and inappropriate mining in the Clarence Valley and elsewhere in the Northern Rivers region.

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A surprise candidate has thrown her hat in the ring for Clarence at the state election next month. Yamba woman Debrah Novak is running as an independent.

Ms Novak will host a number of forums across the electorate where you can contribute your views and opinions on a range of issues. Other candidates are welcome to attend so we can all hear what voters want.

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