It all starts with a need or a belief there is something terribly wrong.

What made Grafton youth Tse Tsan Tai trigger a revolution when he moved to China and tear down 2000 years of Imperial rule?

What made Grafton born Sir Grafton Elliott Smith decide to become an expert on the human brain and be the first to discover post traumatic stress?

What pushed Baryulgil woman Jessie Street to become a suffragette, take a seat on the United Nations, establish Australia’s first STD clinic and trigger the 1967 referendum?

And one year ago what pushed 13 year old blind boy, Connor McLeod to successfully campaign to have the Reserve Bank of Australia print tactile banknotes so he could feel what they were?

Connor who lives in NSW was backed by the Human Rights Commission and Vision Australia for his campaign and had 57,000 people sign his petition.

There is no greater inspiration than hearing of a 13 year old stepping up. Australia has many unsung heroes many of which go unnoticed by main stream media. It is their victories we should applaud.

Every community has a leader, someone who stands out from the crowd and draws a line in the sand. Encourage these people as they are the ones who lead by example, walk their talk and become a beacon for others to follow.

At the March 2015 NSW state election make your vote matter and make it count. Vote for someone you believe in, someone you know who will and can make a difference for you. At the last state election 7000 people placed a donkey vote. Surely we can inspire our people to do better than that!


Photo: Australian born and Grafton expatriate Tse Tsan Tai claimed his upbringing in Grafton is what gave him his passion for love of country.

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