Farmland across NSW is currently under threat by the spread of coal and coal seam gas mining. Our food and water security, human and animal health are being placed at risk by the heavy industrialisation of rural lands by these invasive industries.

I support a farmer’s right to farm. I say NO to unconventional gas mining (CSG) and inappropriate mining in the Clarence Valley and elsewhere in the Northern Rivers region.

Agricultural scientists have highlighted concerns about our ability to feed future populations as our food production areas are continually being sacrificed for mining and extractive industries. The unconventional gas industry cannot coexist with farming. It is a replacement industry. Mining threatens the economic and ecological viability of Australian farming, businesses and rural communities.

It’s our choice – mining or food? Farming is a long term, sustainable industry essential to the wellbeing of our communities and provides food security in a world with a growing population. Short term industries, benefitting foreign investors and government royalties have no place in our food bowls. Farming and mining cannot coexist. It’s unacceptable that our farmers rights to farm have been diminished at the hands of the mining lobby and unscrupulous government policies.

Communities across the Clarence Valley and North Rivers region are united against this invasive industry, declaring roads and communities gasfield free, marching in the thousands and forming alliances to protect our way of life and our right to farm. Politicians are refusing to listen or represent the will of the people.

I am listening and I will lobby all levels of government in the interests of our community to cease inappropriate mining in rural areas.

Six out of seven councils on the Northern Rivers have  formally opposed any further CSG exploration in the region and oppose fracking due to current and future potential risks. We live on the driest inhabitable country on the planet and cannot allow our land and water to be placed at risk of contamination and excessive drawdown.

Clarence Valley residents and farmers are well aware of the dangers of CSG mining to our land , water and air and the disruption and fragmentation caused by by associated infrastructure such as pipelines and compressor stations. Our farmers and communities have raised their voices to protect livelihoods, their healthy  and safety, property values, and our children’s future.

As an independent candidate for the seat of Clarence, it is my obligation to raise our collective voice at a parliamentary level.

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“Without rigorous scientific studies, the gas drilling boom sweeping the world will remain an uncontrolled health experiment on an enormous scale.” (Bamberger and Oswald 2012)

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Casino where Metgasco’s initial commercial plans are centred is in Clarence state electorate.

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